Technical Diagnosis of your digital glycemia

  • Digital glycemia is the degree of the relationship we have developed with our Smartphone through emotional alteration, following an excessive use of it (abuse) or an inappropriate use to your lifestyle.
  • A technical diagnosis of digital glycemia is a medical specialist examination acknowledged by the Swiss Medical Association FMH and covered by Swiss health insurance.
  • Digital glycemia is diagnosed using Interpersonal Motivational Systems.
  • The Digital Diet is compliant to the Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP) and EU GDPR.

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Why is it important to calculate digital glycemia?

Digital addiction

Because digitalization requires new, multidisciplinary skills to study and treat a new disease regarding the addiction to Smartphone and new technologies.

Emotional alteration

Because the pervasive development of new technologies, together with all its peculiarities, encourages us and makes it easier for us to establish a continuous relationship that highly affects our emotions.

Mental clarity

Because it is essential to be always aware and keep a clear mind, to avoid undermining emotional states that might cause anxiety, low self-esteem, isolation, and aggressiveness.

Better safe than sorry

Because, with the introduction of 5G, we are going to be increasingly surrounded by digital devices to do a great number of daily activities. Becoming accustomed to using them consciously is crucial to avoid overindulging.

The seven-day Digital Diet Plan

The technical diagnosis of digital glycemia stems from a thorough elaboration of the book “The seven-day Digital Diet Plan”, published by SEB Publishing Company in 2019 and written by Dr Alessandro Trivilini.

It is an early approach to new technologies addiction, with a focus on Smartphone. De facto, it offers a measurement protocol based on the implementation of a scientific foundation, the Interpersonal Motivational Systems.

Since its first edition, in January 2019, the book has been immediately a success among businesses and private citizens, all sensitive in the topic of digital addiction, and–particularly–who were looking for an answer to the question asked in it:

« Do you use your Smartphone or does your Smartphone use you? »

The approach introduced in “The seven-day Digital Diet Plan” was filed at a civil law notary’s office on January 16th, 2019.

Below, there is a list of Businesses, Institutions and Associations of the Canton Ticino that have supported and seized the opportunities proposed by "The seven-day Digital Diet Plan", considering it an important digital literacy tool.

Do you want to calculate your digital glycemia and that of your collaborators?

There are more and more businesses, governments, schools, and private citizens that have to face the excessive and continuous use of new technologies, especially at this time when distance education and working from home are a reality for everyone.

For this reason, the technical diagnosis of digital glycemia takes on an important value for our mental and physical balance. We help you with this goal, reserve your medical consultation and measure your digital glycemia. Be part of people who care about their digital hygiene.